Toyota Motors Manufacturing Assembly Paint, Weld and Press

Photo of Toyota Motors Manufacturing Assembly Paint, Weld and Press

Size: 16,895 Tons (6,339 Pre-Cast Columns)

Location: Tupelo, Mississippi

A key component to the success of this project was the early involvement of the owner team. By working directly with Toyota early, communication was enhanced and decision times for alternate approaches were reduced.

A highly effective synergy was created between the Midwest Steel team and the engineering team. The members of each company communicated well together. The senior project leadership from both companies share the same values of attention to detail and commitment to managing the project to as near to perfection as possible.

Multiple projects for Toyota have been successfully constructed with this team. Each opportunity allows the team to fine tune processes to deliver as promised to the owner.

The intense pre-planning phase leaves no stone unturned. Exact sequencing, scheduling, and equipment placement were critical elements to this project.

Another important detail to this project is to report that there were Zero accident incidents!

The extraordinary commitment of each member of the Project Team resulted in a very successful and integrated project.