Design-Assist: Getting Steel Contractors Involved Early

Our proven strategies save you time and money.

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Midwest Steel, a full structural steel service contractor, is committed to early involvement steel strategies. We believe there is REAL VALUE in bringing the Steel Contractor on board early in the project. The Midwest Team assists in compiling real time estimates on steel mill rolling schedules while standardizing member sizes and geometry for project cost reductions and ease of installation in the field. Steel is difficult to procure without solid design information and with the fluctuation of the steel industry today there is an urgent need to develop a defined steel strategy at the conceptualization stage of a project. Our experienced team provides assistance in all phases of the design - the conceptual, schematic and final construction drawing phases.

The design assistance that this team offers includes areas such as:

  • Up to date Cost of Steel Shapes per Ton including Surcharges
  • Plate and Tube Cost per Ton including Surcharges
  • Availability of Specific Member Sizes
  • Rolling Schedules and Timing of Deliveries
  • Innovative and Cost Saving Ideas
    • Duplication of Columns and Trusses
    • Number of Bolts and Sizes
    • Cleaning and Painting
    • Types of Welds
    • Reduction of Labor Intensive Connection Materials
  • Cost Impact of Design on Fabrication and Erection

During the detailing phase, our Engineers utilize the latest 3D modeling software to bring connection detailing alive- allowing for visual collaboration and clash detection, accuracy, and cost saving techniques for fabrication and erection. We link the structural steel design with Fabrication and Erection. This reduces or eliminates the need for shop drawings, and keep project changes under control. We utilize lean construction techniques and strategies to reduce project costs and schedule. Planning and design integration saves time and costly changes later in the project.

The Midwest Team has the diverse and solid experience to provide VALUE and INNOVATION to your Project Team.