We are proud to be an AISC Advanced Certified Contractor!

AISC Advanced Certified Contractor LogoThe certification process is both intense and rigorous and signifies that quality is managed into every project. AISC Certification demonstrates Technical Competency and pre-qualifies bidders with a tough outside audit process.

At Midwest Steel, quality is built into all phases of our projects!

Detailing phase (preparing the shop and erection drawings):

  • Design drawings are reviewed for areas that could not be built as shown on the designs or connected with good assurance that the correct tolerances can be maintained during the fabrication and erection process.
  • Areas are discussed with the E.O. R. and suggestions for difference details are made to correct these issues.
  • Shims are built into the connections details during the shop drawing preparation to take into consideration the mill rolling tolerances so as to end up with the required tolerances when the structure is completed.
  • Special tolerances are noted on the shop drawings so the shop can check the sweep, camber and other distortion during the shop fabrication and fix any out of tolerance dimensions.
  • Review the required welds to assure that the any expected distortion is addressed.
  • Enforcing the drawing room standards to ensure that good practices are maintained and communication is enhanced for all members of the building team.
  • All drawings must have all the required information on them:
    • Type of paint and thickness of application.
    • Location of any no paint areas.
    • Size of holes and size and grade of bolts.
    • Size of all welds and grade of welding materials. 
    • Special assembly required.
  • Review all field work drawings and field connections drawings to ensure that they are detailed so the erector can set the material in the proper location and make it is safe before the final weld and/or bolting is completed.
  • All shop and field drawings are checked by an experienced supervisor.

Shop Fabrication:

  • All material has traceability and the material certifications are reviewed for compliance with the specifications and filed.
  • A system has been established to make sure the latest drawing revisions are current on the shop floor.
  • All weld fit up is inspected prior to the start of welding.
  • All welds are inspected for size and appearance before the members move from the weld skids.
  • Critical welds are tested by ultrasound.
  • All members are inspected for size and fit up before moving off the fit skids.
  • All painted members are inspected for paint coverage and thickness.
  • All loads are inspected before shipping.

Field Erection:

  • Written erection stability plans.
  • Formal safety plan and site specific safety plans for each project.
  • Internal programs that promote project planning and cost management.
  • Formal programs to monitor welding and bolting compliance.
  • A written substance abuse policy and plan.
  • Internal and external audits that test our systems and improve policies and procedures ensuring consistent results for our customers.