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According to the Design-Build Institute of America, most construction projects follow one of two main project delivery methods. With the traditional design-bid-build approach, there's competitive bidding for the project and separate contracts for each company involved. On the other hand, the design-build method allows the owner to hire just one company to handle design and construction. Also known as a single-entity construction project, this single-contract approach is efficient for large-scale commercial and residential projects including hospitals, offices, and more. Contractors, suppliers, and employees all report to the design-build team, which helps improve communication and clarity, prevent cost overruns, and avoid scheduling conflicts. Both equally important, the designer and the contractor work together to solve problems and bring the construction project to life — on time and under budget.

Midwest Steel is a structural steel contractor that specializes in working with general contractors, construction managers, and design-build professionals early in the design process for their projects.

Midwest Steel provides professional design-build services in the Detroit area, including:

Oftentimes, steel for a project is viewed as a commodity with limited options. As local leaders in design-build construction services, we can handle whatever your needs may be. Due to our extensive experience in the construction industry, we believe there are always "good, better, best" options that vary greatly in terms of schedule and cost. When Midwest Steel is involved early in design, we share this information so you can make wise decisions before thousands of dollars have been invested in design and changing the approach to the project is no longer cost-effective.

We understand modern builders are caught in a three-way squeeze of dwindling budgets, tight construction schedules, and community demands to conserve resources. Choosing the right structural steel contractor at the initial design stage of a project can satisfy all three of these requirements. With Midwest Steel's professional fabrication and proven project delivery method, you're in good hands!

Lean Construction

Midwest Steel isn't just experienced in lean construction, the company actively embraces the "three opportunities" of lean construction.

First, Midwest creates a predictable workflow across the structural steel component of the project. Cutting-edge virtual construction modeling, structural steel detailing, steel fabrication, steel erection, and delivery schedules that coordinate with the rest of the site activity save time and money for all the trades and helps keep the project on time and on budget.

Second, Midwest focuses on the entire project as a production system. If something can be streamlined or combined with another contractor's work, they make the steel fit the workflow, not the other way around.

Finally, Midwest Steel embraces the "all for one, one for all" environment of lean construction. The project is the goal, not the turf of each individual contractor.

Sustainability and LEED

Sustainable "green" steel construction ultimately benefits the project. Reducing waste, recycling materials, and minimizing transport isn't just good for the environment, it's also smart money. Among the many benefits of structural steel it is an excellent choice as a green building material because of its ease of recycling and reuse.

Choosing the right structural steel is the number one contributor to minimizing the environmental effect of the steel construction project. Choosing the right steel contractor is the next important choice. Midwest Steel can help a project owner maximize the project's LEED rating by choosing and sourcing steel with the maximum recycled content value.


Lean construction and design-build are new names for an old concept. For 40 centuries, the "master builder" concept — where an expert takes a project from conception through design to execution — has been the accepted way of doing things. Our design assist services are here to make this a reality for you. University of Michigan Children’s and Women’s Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI is a great success story of Midwest Steel's early involvement.

By partnering with Midwest Steel, a design-build firm puts the structural steel portion of a project into the hands of an experienced firm that can incorporate their knowledge of engineering, detailing, fabrication, and erection into the initial design. Our goal is to reduce the cost of the entire steel contract by reducing the costs in the field where everything costs the most. This approach greatly reduces the safety risks involved in major construction projects as well.

We have an outstanding safety record, solid financial capabilities including unlimited bonding capability, and many positive testimonials from our valued customers that have benefited from this approach. Midwest Steel's dedicated project team incorporates safety, accountability, and success into every piece of steel we handle.

Structural Steel for A Wide Variety of Design and Construction Industry Projects

Having a single point of contact and a single point of responsibility simplifies your project and gives you greater control. For superior design-build for commercial construction, trust in the quality of Midwest Steel. With four decades of diverse experience managing complex projects across a variety of companies and industries, we're ready to take on the singular responsibility of design-build construction services.

Let us support your vision and deliver the results you deserve. To learn more about design-build services for commercial construction in the Detroit area, contact us now. We'd love to be part of your next project!