US Cellular Field

Drone Shot of US Cellular Field

Size: 1,800 Tons

Duration: Five Months

Location: Chicago, Illinois

The Midwest Team installed all structural and miscellaneous steel for the expansion of the US Cellular Field, outfield canopy. The new canopy required extensive coordination and verification of all existing field conditions including surveys, x-rays of the concrete columns, and set up of all grid and column lines. The Midwest Team field located and documented the existing re-bar where through rods attached the new steel to existing concrete, then drilled through the 24” concrete and re-bar, and installed all new through rods holding the 1000-4000 pound steel brackets.

Steel members were installed between existing concrete rakers that had varying degrees of radius and are connected to a sloped roof, making every piece different, with multiple bevels. Side-wall steel was erected to support the translucent panels which will keep the wind off the baseball fans while letting the light through. The overall individuality of the member sizes required a detailed strategy for the erection and installation of each piece. All electrical for field lighting was coordinated and hoisted in place by the Midwest Team.

The Midwest Team adhered to a tight schedule in spite of severe winter weather conditions, and got the job done. The White Sox played ball as scheduled in their upgraded stadium.