Union Contractor

Union Contractor Advantage

Union contractors who employ union members offer the most effective means of developing positive environments for construction projects – union contractors employing union craftsmen consistently deliver a superior product.

Advantages for Owners

Public and private construction-project owners can rely on the labor-management cooperation and programs of members to furnish thoroughly trained construction craftsmen to any construction project. With union professionals, owners receive world-class construction, maintenance and installation services every time.

“Union construction work sites are 17% more productive than non-union sites.”
Source: The Construction Users Roundtable (CURT)

What are the benefits of hiring union contractors and trades people?

Qualified, skilled union workers provide lower overall costs through quality work and high productivity. Contractors can specify skills, request workers by name and determine qualifications.

What is the benefit of using union contractors and trades people to the community?

We eliminate the burdens of healthcare and social costs on our customers and the community because union workers receive high-quality, affordable health coverage and retirement benefits.


Training is a core value. Through our Laborers' Training & Apprentice Center, we have committed to providing our customers with a highly skilled work force. Possibly the greatest advantage we have as union workers over our non-union counterparts is this commitment to training.

Article Courtesy of Great Lakes Fabricators & Erectors Association