Virtual Construction in Detroit, MI 

Creating a virtual building saves you time and money when you build the real thing.

Midwest Steel was a very early adopter of modern construction modeling and visualization technology so we have over a decade of experience with these techniques.

We utilize the latest 3D modeling software: Tekla, StruCad, SDS/2, Revit, and Navisworks. This leading-edge technology allows our engineers to utilize visual collaboration for accuracy, clash detection and cost-saving techniques. Our virtual planning and design integration is created to save you considerable time and money while helping you avoid costly design changes.

When Midwest Steel takes on a new project, our expertise in virtual construction modeling really sets us apart from other contractors.

Virtual Construction Advantages:

  • Proven to save 10-15% on overall project cost and 12-20 weeks on schedule.
  • Streamlines and simplifies the shop drawing processes.
  • Identifies potential impacts to the steel construction process and creates a plan to minimize costly delays.
  • Integrates with all design analysis software.
  • Interfaces with facilities planning software.
  • Provides greater control in organizing, tracking, and phasing projects.

Midwest Steel uses the following software: Tekla, StruCad, SDS/2, Revit, and Navisworks.