USAF C-5 Galaxy Aircraft Hangar

Photo of USAF C-5 Galaxy Aircraft Hangar

Size: 4,800 Tons

Duration: Nine Months

Location: Memphis, Tennessee

The Midwest Steel Team erected 4,800 tons of structural and miscellaneous steel for the new C5 Hangar in Memphis, Tennessee. The entire project consisted of critical lifts. The trusses for the Hangar spanned two hundred sixty feet (260 feet). The timing of each lift was critical because of the FAA Rules and Regulations at this airfield. The cranes had to be boomed down at the close of each work day. The Midwest Team had to take into consideration the critical timing for each lift so that the regulations at the airfield could be met.

The Midwest Team was faced with hazardous weather conditions throughout the duration of the project. There were high winds and ice storms that interrupted the work sequence, and the airport remained active the entire time. However, the Midwest Team managed to complete the project on schedule and with zero safety issues.