Valent Biosciences Fermentation Campus Project

Valent Biosciences Fermentation Campus Project - Midwest Steel - valent-bioscience

Size: 2,050 Tons

Duration: Seven Months

Location: Osage, Iowa

This biosciences production facility will produce cutting edge, environmentally safe pesticides. Midwest Steel erected over 6,000 pieces and 2000 tons of steel to build seven buildings and three pipe racks for this project. The stairs on site were also erected by Midwest Steel under a separate contract. As a Design-Build project, this project went through multiple design revisions while construction was underway. Working with both the design and the construction team, Midwest Steel was able to able to smoothly and professionally adapt to the changes required of the structural steel. One of our most important skills is the ability to deliver a quality project in a fast paced and dynamic environment while respecting the needs and requirements of other contractors we shared the jobsite with. Despite several changes to the structural steel design, this project was completed on schedule and also under budget. The entire Midwest Steel team is very proud of our contribution to this important project and was rewarded with frequent praise from the General Contractor.

Customer Testimonial:

"Midwest Steel performs very well, Top Notch all the way.

Best in safety, best in performance, and really great in working with other trades. Midwest Steel did everything they needed to do to maintain the project schedule. As a result the project is on time and the owners were able to make their first engineering run to make the first batch of product. They are extremely Safety Conscious, they hold daily huddle meetings with their crew to detail exactly how and in what areas they will be moving steel. They also communicate to all other trades very well so everyone knows what they are doing and where they will be doing it. Their overall project awareness, for all trades, is leading edge.

Top steel erector for all projects. Use them again? Absolutely, undoubtedly on my vendors list!"

Jack Acord, Sr.
Project Manager
Gilbane Building Company