AK Steel - 25 Year Relationship - Dozens of Projects/Year

Drone Shot of AK Steel - 25 Year Relationship - Dozens of Projects/Year

Size: Various Projects - All Sizes

Duration: Long Term Relationship

Midwest Steel is proud of our long and ongoing relationship working with AK Steel. We perform a near constant flow of various projects for this important customer. We perform these various projects while the customer's facility continues to operate or with very short stoppages to perform the work. We are noted for our demonstrated ability to perform work quickly, effectively and within the planned period of time. That's why in 2010, we performed 87 distinct projects for them!

Our work with AK Steel is varied but includes the following types of activity:

  • Major Expansions
  • Girder Repairs
  • Girder Exchanges
  • Overhead Crane Repairs
  • Crane Rail Replacement
  • Miscellaneous Structural Repairs
  • Power Related Projects
  • Process Equipment Repairs
    • Flu Repairs
    • Continuous Caster Repairs and Installation
    • Walking Beam Furnace

As in the the case of this valuable customer; our ability to build a strong relationship by providing outstanding service is why Midwest Steel is the leading structural steel contractor in North America.