Potash Industrial Storage Facility

Potash Industrial Storage Facility - Midwest Steel - potash-industrial-storage-first-truss

Potash Industrial Storage Facility - Midwest Steel - potash-industrial-storage-steel-frame

Potash Industrial Storage Facility - Midwest Steel - potash-industrial-storage-steel-structure-2

Potash Industrial Storage Facility - Midwest Steel - potash-industrial-storage-steel-structure

Size: 8,500 Tons

Duration: Fourteen Months

Location: Saskatchewan, Canada

As leaders in the structural steel industry, Midwest Steel provides innovative pre-construction design services and delivers world-class quality while maintaining an unmatched job site safety record. Our noteworthy work on the Potash Industrial Storage Facility in Saskatchewan, Canada involved a large-scale steel erection of a 310-foot x 2,200-foot storage building.

Midwest Steel successfully overcame jobsite challenges involving the harsh Saskatchewan weather, availability of professional ironworkers, and cumbersome reporting processes. During the project, our professional crew was dedicated to balancing the structural steel contractor schedule with the fabrication schedule, requiring open lines of communication and a professional project management by our highly skilled team.

The Potash project involved planning for maximum flexibility of the large storage facility, keeping in mind efficient warehouse environmental control and exact budget parameters. Midwest Steel expertise in meeting Canada’s uniform construction standards provided added ease in completing the project with well-timed, professional ironwork precision.