Hyatt Corporation World Headquarters

Arial Photo of Hyatt Corporation World Headquarters

Size: 12,500 Tons

Duration: Twelve Months

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Midwest Steel erected a fifty story high-rise facility for the Hyatt Corporation just west of the Loop area in downtown Chicago, Illinois. The stately facility is a unique football shape with a rectangular “bustle” shaped appearance for the first seven floors. The new 1.6 Million square feet, 675 feet high facility is presently utilized as the Headquarters and offices for the Hyatt Executive Management team and their support groups, as well as other firms.

For the first three months of construction, Midwest built out of sequence, under a compressed schedule, moving around the site to accommodate site preparation activities. Two cranes were utilized to erect the steel – an external and an internal “climber”. Over 8000 pieces of main steel were erected. Midwest worked with Bovis Lend Lease to coordinate schedules with the concrete, deck and elevator contractors to ensure a smooth sequence of tasks.

The Midwest Team faced extreme working conditions throughout the project. Floors 9 – 50 were erected in the Chicago winter months with temperatures well below zero degrees and wind speeds exceeding 30 miles per hour. There were over 30 days of severe cold and wind. Despite all of the weather related delays, the Hyatt Corporation moved into their new state of the art facility on 71 Wacker Drive near the Chicago Loop on schedule.