Chrysler/Giffin Phosphate and E-Coat Process Steel Installation

Chrysler/Griffin Phosphate and E-Coat Process Steel Installation Photo

Size: 2,900 Tons

Project Length: Seven Months

Location: Sterling Heights, Michigan

Not all contractors are comfortable with constant revisions to projects. At Midwest Steel, we understand there are sometimes good and valid reasons why projects change after the initial design is complete. Our highly evolved work processes are designed to deal with the expectation that things will change - it's not a surprise to us when it happens.

This particular project required many revisions after construction started because of late breaking requirements for the industrial process the facility was intended to host. The Midwest Steel team looked at it as another opportunity to demonstrate why we are leader in the structural steel industry. Our team is noted and respected for their ability cheerfully, professionally and safely react to a design changes.

Because of our highly efficient work processes as well as experienced on-site Superintendent and General Foreman we were able to complete the original scope of work on time and on budget.

Professionalism, dedication and great skill is what you get when Midwest Steel is on your project.