Midwest Steel Designated as a PCI Qualified Erector S2 by the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute

North America’s largest structural steel contractor, Midwest Steel today announced designation as a Qualified Erector S2 by the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI).

Earning PCI Qualified Erector status is an important and prestigious achievement which will allow Midwest Steel to offer an expanded range of construction services to their core structural steel expertise.

PCI Qualified Erector logoThe Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute (PCI) is the central organization that serves as the nexus of knowledge, specifications and industry best practices regarding the precast/prestressed concrete industry. The PCI is the approving authority for certification programs of plants, erectors and personnel working with this material.

The designation as a PCI Qualified Erector - Category S2 indicates that Midwest Steel will have the appropriate accreditation to work on projects in these categories:

Category S1-Simple Structural Systems

This includes horizontal decking members (such as hollow core slabs on masonry walls) and single-left wall panels attached to a structure,

Category S2-Complex Structural Systems

This includes everything contained in S1 as well as total precast concrete systems, multi-product structures (those that combine vertical and horizontal members), and single-or multistory loadbearing members, including those with architectural finishes.

The PCI-Qualified Erector Program is designed to provide assurance that the erecting organization has the managerial and administrative capability to achieve and sustain performance consistent with requirements established by PCI, the producer, and the owner/specifier. It represents the highest commitment to safety and quality an erector can achieve under the PCI Quality Assurance System. Each crew of a PCI-Qualified Erector is audited twice each year by a PCI-Certified Field Auditor with at least one of the two audits conducted by an independent auditor. In addition, the organization’s quality documents, safety and erection procedures, personnel qualification records, project files, and equipment management records are audited annually by an independent third-party PCI-Certified Company Auditor to provide evidence that the required managerial and administrative criteria are being met on all applicable projects.

Tom Broad, Executive Vice President, Midwest Steel stated that “All of us at Midwest Steel are extremely proud of the achievement that becoming a PCI Qualified Erector represents. We are honored to be included among the other PCI Qualified Erectors as we all work together to achieve the highest levels of project quality and safety”.

Midwest Steel is a union contractor headquartered in Detroit Michigan with offices across North America. It has established itself as the leader of the structural steel industry through its innovative pre-construction design services, delivery of world class quality while maintaining an unmatched job site safety record.

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