Celebrate Steel Day, September 19, 2014, with a behind the scenes view of Midwest Steel

See how Midwest Steel works as a team to implement the latest BIM technology into every phase of structural steel construction.

Midwest Steel, one of North America's largest structural steel contractors, has announced the release of the company's new capabilities video on Sept. 19th, in commemoration of SteelDay 2014.

Midwest Steel, Inc. bannerSteel Day is an annual event sponsored by the (AISC) American Institute of Steel Construction. It is hosted by its members and partners, including Midwest Steel, Inc. headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. Steel Day is the industry’s largest educational event with activities all over the country. It’s an opportunity for individuals from various professions to see how the structural steel industry contributes to building America.

The new Midwest Steel video provides an inside view of how Midwest Steel works as a team to implement the latest BIM technology into every phase of the major steel construction projects they are involved in throughout the United States and Canada. With experience specific to the steel component of some of the largest, most complex construction projects completed in the last forty years, Midwest Steel provides their customers with a completely unique and innovative approach to the entire steel contract; the detailing, the fabrication and the erection from the early design phase to project closeout with innovative solutions to the most challenging construction considerations.

“Project Owners need construction partners to evaluate construction options early in the design phase of their capital investment construction projects to truly understand the value of steel construction. At Midwest Steel we have developed a team of experts that understand the challenges that pertain to every phase of the steel contract to help owners make choices that will save money on overall project cost and save significant time on the overall schedule. It is our goal this Steel Day to share an inside view of the behind the scenes activities that help project owners complete successful projects,” said Tom Broad, Midwest Steel Executive Vice President.

The professional video was produced by Bret McElfish, Spearfish Design of Detroit, Michigan. Project footage and high-quality still photographs were provided by Construction Marketing Inc. of Indianapolis, Indiana.

About Midwest Steel

Midwest Steel is a union contractor headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. The award-winning company has established itself as the leader of the structural steel industry through innovative pre-construction design services and delivery of world-class quality while maintaining an unmatched jobsite safety record.

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