How to Choose the Right Steel Fabricator for Your Project

Selecting the best metal fabricator for your project is essential. The fabricator you choose will be your partner for the duration of the project. You need to find one who is trustworthy and who will communicate with you readily. There is no one set of factors that will guarantee top quality results, but there are a few critical qualifications you should look into carefully when vetting your candidates.

1. Experience

Experience is the most important qualification. Experience demonstrates a solid track record derived from hard work and skill.

2. Capabilities

Your fabricator doesn’t need to be the biggest or the best to complete your project satisfactorily, but he will need the capabilities necessary to meet the challenges of the job. Your fabricator should be competent in all of the following areas:

  • Design
  • Materials
  • Production
  • Facility

3. Quality, Consistency, & Precision

Even if one fabricator has fewer capabilities than another or a less impressive reputation- he may still be more consistent. A fabricator can achieve great success and a large customer base from a very hit-and-miss operation. You will need to evaluate a large sample of your candidate’s work to assess his ability to deliver consistently- especially if you’re looking for someone to work with regularly.

4. Customer Service

While your project is in progress, you want to be informed at every step of the way. Here are a few things you want to discuss before work begins.

  • Projected timelines and deadlines
  • Design-to-delivery communications
  • Responsiveness to questions and concerns
  • End to end troubleshooting
  • Contingency coordination

5. Competitive Prices

Prices can vary, and you should always comparison shop. The best fabricators won’t always offer the lowest price. Costs should be weighed against the factors discussed above. Here are five additional pricing related points you should look for.

  • Works within industry pricing standards
  • Has capital for materials purchasing
  • Works within your budget
  • Proposes cost-effective methods
  • Manages shipping costs

If you're looking for assistance with construction design or steel fabricators, contact our steel contractors at Midwest Steel today.

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